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We started in 2012 with an intention to serve the sweet toothed customers with chocolate on which they can shower their creativity on taste well as looks. It also became a huge success as personal gift to your loved ones where u can express yourself to the fullest.




Make your own chocolate

At lovelychocos you can customize your chocolate according to the occasion by selecting your favorite chocolate base milk/dark/white, five toppings, five chocolate decorations, with an edible image and personalized message on the chocolate, making it even more special for gifting. We have 500g and 1000g of stylish boxes for gifting.


Lovely creations

You are always welcomed to personalize your gifts, but just in case you feel short on your creative end. Try our creations instead, our Arty Chef has created a few just to get you started. These creations are based on the current trend as well as occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries and a lot more.

  • Valentine gift ideas for him and her
    Valentine Day’s distinctive quality in itself is considered to be highly romantic that it tends to cat magic just on every person. Couples simply cannot keep off their hands on each other, while singles hope to get that romantic togetherness. Rather it can be termed that this special day is incomplete without Valintine Gifts and its popularity has been increasing with each passing day across the globe. The fact is that Valentine gifts for girlfriend and Valentine gifts for boyfriend are no more restricted just to treating chocolates and receiving flower bouquets, but something much more than that. This is the day when most couples look forward to with great eager and have the opportunity for impressing their partner. Every couple by various methods tries to express true love to their beloved one and with perfect memento. But this would require the person to come up with unique Valintine Gifts for him or her that would be really appreciated and would show how much trouble and sincerity has went into its selection. Finding a worthy gift is sure to make the recipient happy and know that the person is being cared for and loved. If you are searching for the best gift to impress your beloved one, then you can have a look at ‘our site’ and choose from the huge collection present. Different gift ideas for him/ her • Cuff links / Jewelry: Ornaments always have been the first love of a woman. It does not have to be quite expensive and also not a cheap one, but something affordable and provides value to the user. There are different elegant designs available. For men, cufflinks can add style and touch of class. Right from novelty cufflinks to studded gemstones, an item can be purchased that can match the personality. • Accessories: Valentine gifts for boyfriend include accessories like watches, hats, belts, eye-gear, wallets and others. • Electronics: Gadgets are regarded to be a thoughtful and practical gift and is sure to serve a reminder for the recipient. However, they may be a bit on the expansive side. Online purchase can definitely help to save some money while shopping and also to avail variety of choices and brands within the budget. • Flowers: Floral gifts have been always considered to be an ideal gift for this special day. there are present flowers in wide ranges to be selected from. Online sites also deal in flower baskets having a beautiful collection of different varieties of flowers decorated to impress her. It is not only affordable, but also can work wonders, especially if left with a note stating how much the recipient is loved. • Gift baskets: These are creative way for impressing the beloved ones and can be designed with plenty of items which just could be anything ranging from fruits, cosmetics, etc. • Chocolates: These are considered to be the ideal Valentine gifts for girlfriend and there is a variety to choose from and impress. No one can say no to chocolates. Chocolate hampers can be the best solution this Valentine and help the man to show how much he loves her. Here we come as Lovelychocos is a unique personalized gifting concept where We have special heart shape valentine boxes customized with heart shape chocolate with Edible image, message and lovely decorations which will be a memorable gift for your Valentine. Shop at or mail us at ,for Chocolate images visit
  • Personalized Gifts for Loved Ones
    Personalized Gifts to loved ones or someone special will show more love and caring towards them as practically seeing it would be a difficult task to anyone. Whatever might be the occasion, and personalized gifts stands a different corner in opposite persons mind. In fact personalized gifts are great for people of every age group and the best part is that there are gifts to fit every budget.And a gift or a present is an item given to someone without expectation of either payment or a return gift. Although gift-giving might encompass an expectancy of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free. Gifting is a concept of connecting people across the world in the familiar clinch of warmth, sentiment and lasting emotion. Mostly people find it difficult in selecting a gift for their beloved ones; might be their lover, spouse, children or even parents, whoever but selecting a gift is too hard task. People mostly think of gift which should be unique and at the same time the recipient should enjoy the gift. Yet times they tend to be confused in selecting a gift and above all now-a-days a personalized gifting is the great solution which makes great impression in opposite persons mind, and it shows how loving and caring you are. Now it’s a latest trend of Unique Personalized Gifts which in fact fits in the budgets of every person, and for sure it would definitely put a smile on the face of the person who is receiving that gift. Conditional to the occasion, one can choose to select which kind of unique gifts can be given. Personalized gifting solution is playing a vital role in selecting a special unique gift to the loved ones throughout the world. Now this latest trend has become most popular in India too and this has come up with online purchasing and delivering concept even. Personalized gifts in India are making a good market and to the present scenario it is making a decent business in online marketing. Since most of this this business is based on the Internet, you will be able to shop and work on the unique personalized gift and above all in your convenient time.You need not even go out to variety of different shops just to find one unique personalized gift for that special person in your life. A Personalized gift can be different for different people – children, parents, loved ones and someone special. Depending upon the occasion and the category of person whom you are willing to give a gift, one should choose it accordingly.  Someone Special/Loved Ones: Firstly a bunch flowers with chocolates, photo magazine, personalized pencil sketch, personalized mobile back covers, personalized coffee cups, any ornamental s, clothing.  Children: Firstly chocolates, personalized books, games CD/DVDs, personalized Cushions and towels, personalized photo frames, personalized pens.  Teens: Some trendy accessories like mobile back cover, chocolates, personalized photo frames, personalized key chains, handbags, wallets, personalized coffee cups or water bottles.  Parents/Old People: Personalized photo frames, personalized coffee cups, some home decors, photo sceneries, photo magazine. One thing is for sure and a stand above all is ‘Chocolates’. A chocolate plays a vital role in getting one more nearly and maintains the relation healthier. It’s a saying that whatever might be the occasion the start should be done with a bit of sweet and chocolates are always in handy for any such occasions. And a bunch of flowers do work a lot when a gifting is of our loved ones. One more thing to reveal is that if this gifting is done to their surprise it will be another great surprise; that is door delivering the gift at the time of occasion stands entirely different. So if it’s personalized then go for lovelychocos where you customize chocolate your own adding various toppings , edible image with chocolate decorations and personalized message on chocolate and get delivered in any part of India .you can visit our website at and you can also shop personalized gifting at

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